Derek Mellor


Height: 6'0"

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue


Training:  BA Musical Theatre, SUNY Cortland 2012

Location: New York, NY

Film & TV

Free Guy                                   Street NPC                                       Dir: Shawn Levy, Josh McLaglen

Castle Rock                              Castle Rock Citizen (SE 2 EP 8)      Created by Sam Shaw & Diustin Thomason 

Search Party                            Vigil Attendee (SE 1 EP 3)               Dir: Charles Rogers, Sarah- Violet Bliss

Blue Bloods                             DA Office Employee (EP 621)         Episode Dir: John Behring

Mysteries at The Museum     Jacob Riis (EP 804)                          Dir: Sterling Milan- Optomen USA

One Tree Hill                           Club Patron (SE 2 EP 7)                   Episode Dir: David Paymer


The Odd Couple                    Oscar Madison                 Dir: Charles Burr- Tibbits Opera House
Pippin                                     Charlemagne                     Dir: Kevin T. Halpin- Tibbits Opera House

9-5 The Musical                     Dwayne                              Dir: Chris Beiser- La Comedia Dinner Theatre

The Andrews Brothers         Max Andrews                    Dir: Marc Liby- Great Plains Theatre

Dial M for Murder                 Captain Lesgate                Dir: Marc Liby- Great Plains Theatre

Promises, Promises              Karl                                     Dir: Paul David Bryant- Merry go Round Playhouse

The Wedding Singer             Glen Guglia                        Dir: Armand Panganelli- Actors Conservatory Theatre

Wild Jack's Last Stand           Wild Jack                            Dir: Franklyn Warfield- RWS and Associates

The Drowsy Chaperone       Superintendent                Dir: Ed Sayles- Merry go Round Playhouse

Speaking in Tounges            Leon Zat                             Dir: Robert Moss- SUNY Cortland




NYC Dept. of Health               Father                                Prod: Nancy DeLape- Digital Daugie Productions

Fierce Loyalty (PSA)                Wounded Solider             Dir: Nicholas Bruckman


Dialects- standard British, NYC, Southern US, Surfer, German, Irish

Improv, good comic timing, minor stunt rigging, smoking, cartwheel, round-off, whistling, burping on command, snapping fingers, weapons and combat training (United States Marine Corps 4 years), Physical fitness.


Acting: Robert Moss ( of Playwrights Horizons), Kevin T. Halpin, Kim L. Hubbard, Tom Hischak, Tom LaChiusa

Voice:  Corinne Aquilina, Nathaniel Hackmann, Sherry Scanza

Dance: Ballet, Tap, Jazz (Mark Allan Davis, Cynthia Stroud), Musical Theatre Dance (Terrie Robinson),

             Ballroom Dance (Tom Fuchs)